Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Fashiony Window

Yesterday, I wanted to have a look at the Ballet & Fashion exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. For me to want to see an exhibition and actually go (when I'm not traveling) is a pretty big deal. I've seen a similar exhibition put on by the Arts Centre and it was a great opportunity to see the actual costumes used up close, so I just had to go.  (I'm also on uni holidays so desperate for free things to do.)

They had some outfits from Black Swan, Romeo & Juliet and a few others scattered about.  The event is free and I highly recommend going if you're in Melbourne.

The Black Swan.

A "can can" dancer. The stockings are bright blue with polka dots (I wish I scored a shot from the back as well because it was just so colourful!).

These shoes are paired with the dress below and both are designed by Collette Dinnigan.

Romeo & Juliet.

One of the costumes in Romeo & Juliet.

After the exhibition, I had a look at the Christmas window display down at Bourke Street Mall that Myer put on every year.  This year marked their 57th Annual Display and featured characters from Shaun the Sheep. I took more photos than the ones posted here, however I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get rid of the nasty reflection in the windows. These are the best ones I can publish. Luckily, they are my favourite!

I love all the detail in this section.
I especially love the look on the sheep's faces!

And lastly, Santa!

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