The Grr in Girl

My name is Rosemary.

I am a 30something University student living in Melbourne and studying Media and Digital Media subjects. I have previously studied a Diploma in Multimedia and a Certificate in I.T. What can I say? I am extremely passionate about the digital space!

My interest in the digital space began from a web development assignment during VCE (I created a Hanson fanpage which wound up in me creating celebrity fanpages and digital fanart in my personal time).

The hardest thing I've had to do in my entire life, was put down my beloved cat of 15 years; Ned. 

I am a quirky, over-caffeinated, "injection of cuteness"*.

I hate camping & birds. 

I love thunderstorms & polka dots.

I'm constantly forgetting to turn lights off and lose forms easily. 

My favourite cocktail is Sangria and my favourite shape is the star.

My horoscope is Leo which is an explanation for my introverted extrovertness and constant itchy feet which no cream can cure. I have lived in 6 cities (Perth, Dayton, Adelaide, Melbourne, London & Dalmally; Scotland).

Television show characters I relate to are: Bubbles from Powerpuff Girls and Taylor Townsend from The O.C..

*How a very good friend described me.

**The original graphic in my header image was purchased from the lovely Mabel at Pink Pig Illustrations.