Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Melbourne Street Art

Every day I roam around Melbourne, I always spot amazing street art covered on the side walls of cafes, and in alley ways. Some are just random street art, others are done by professionals. I've decided that everyone should be able to see it, so it will be a regular feature on this blog.

The other day, I went to Balaclava to visit a friend. We met at Las Chicas which is right by Balaclava train station.  While sitting in their outside area I noticed some neat artwork on the bridge near us. It reminded me very much of the artwork found in Camden in London.

On the side walls of the cae, Las Chicas had professional art work adorning it. It was pretty funky.

I highly recommend you go and check it out. The staff are friendly and the food and drinks are amazing.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Link Love

- > Wildfox posted their Clueless inspired collection. So much love for this!

- > It was Ellen Degeneres' 55th birthday last week. I absolutely adore her and watch her show every day (since I'm on uni holidays I may as well!). To honour her birthday, BuzzFeed created a list of The 55 Best Moments on Ellen. Cracked up laughing so many times.

- > Not only was it Ellen's birthday last week, it was her wife, Portia De Rossi's birthday today. She gave her the best present ever!

- > I never knew the hot guy from Homeland (Mike) was Sean Oman in Mean Girls! Check out what happened to the other guys of Mean Girls.

- > Apparently Romance Porn Lures More Women With Loss of Shame. Interesting read.

- > Bri made some fabulous jewelled, sparkly birthday crowns. Am definitely going to do this for my next birthday.

- > I've been re-introduced to Etsy and over the past fortnight I've been obsessing over these super cute cat wall decals and these Bad Girls of History postcards. Oh, and these glitter headbands (I already have a blue heart one but love it so much I want more).

- > The ladies at The Beauty Department, came up with such a clever way to create the perfect heart mani. It's on my to-do list for sure!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fashion Finds of the Week

#1. Spotty Skinny Jeans @ Cotton On | | #2. Spotty Skater Skirt @ TopShop | | #3. Magical Tiger Tee @ Sportsgirl

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Beheading of Marie Antoinette

Last night, like most nights, I close my laptop, turn off my desk lamp and pop into bed. Before I start the drama of trying to fall asleep, I scroll through my Instagram feed (for some reason I like looking at it before I get to sleep - I like looking at cool photos to get my creative side going) and eventually I set my alarm on my phone. 

Unfortunately, I stumbled upon the most amazing photo posted by Ex-Playmate Holly Maddison. She was posing with a friend and both were wearing this amazing hoodie dedicated to Marie Antoinette. Naturally, I fell in love with it and had to find where it was from.

The Beheading of Antoinette.
(Click on image for Threadless link.)

I love the simplicity of the design. The colours used are very French and the illustration as a whole is lovely. I love the quote and the very French type used. It really is the best illustration that I have seen in awhile. (Well, apart from these which I discovered from

While I'm still pondering over wether or not I actually need the hoodie, the image now adorns my desktop wallpaper and makes me smile so. damn. hard. 

And it also makes me want cake! 

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Like most people addicted to social media, I'm a big fan of Instagram. I like taking photos of food, drinks, cats and pretty things. I'm not normally a fan of "selfies" but every now and then, I like a bit of validation, so I jump on the bandwagon. Here is a collection of photos I've posted over the past month.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mad Hatter Teapots

Last weekend, I went to a friends 30th birthday bash. The theme for her party was a 'Mad Hatter's/Alice' theme. I always like to bring something, especially if it's at the persons' home, so for this bash I decided to make some teapots. They are extremely easy and relatively quick to make.

Step 1: In a small bowl, mix up some icing sugar with water. It shouldn't be runny or too thick.

Step 2: Cut each lifesaver in half.

Step 3: Dip the bottom of the marshmallow in the icing sugar and immediately place it on a Tic Toc biscuit, colour facing upwards.  

Step 3: Dip the sides of the lifesavers in the icing sugar and attach to the side of the marshmallow. (You may have to hold them together for a wee bit to ensure they stick properly.)

Step 4: Dip the bottom of the freckle in the icing sugar and then on top of the marshmallow.


ProTip: These look really great if you have pink marshmallows on other coloured biscuits and the same with the other colours. It just looks better rather than having them all the same colours.

My friend placed them atop a little glass stand. The vibrant colours looked perfect against the silver glass!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A self confessed polka dotaholic

It's a well known fact that I am slightly obsessed with polka dots. Any colour, on practically anything, I'll take it.

Over the past week or so, I've just been adding more to my polka dot collection. Including these gorgeous pens from Typo. It didn't help that Typo had a Everything Under $5 sale! ;-)

When I did my grocery shopping at Woolworths the other day and saw these gorgeous coffee mugs, it was a no brainer - I picked them up straight away.

A group mug shot

What's even better about these mugs are not only how fab the colours are, but they are the perfect height and width. The handles are sturdy and not too big or small. 

Lately I've really been drawn to this colour green. 

At first I thought I loved the purple one, but then I saw the green and blue ones and just can't decide! 

I probably sound a bit cray cray that I can't decide which one is my fave! heehee.  I have a feeling they also had a pink polka dot one, but they didn't have any in stock. My main reason for thinking this is that these mugs are in pastel form and there's usually a pink one whenever anything is in pastel! Either way, I'm definitely keeping my eyes open for a pink one.