Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Link Love

- > Wildfox posted their Clueless inspired collection. So much love for this!

- > It was Ellen Degeneres' 55th birthday last week. I absolutely adore her and watch her show every day (since I'm on uni holidays I may as well!). To honour her birthday, BuzzFeed created a list of The 55 Best Moments on Ellen. Cracked up laughing so many times.

- > Not only was it Ellen's birthday last week, it was her wife, Portia De Rossi's birthday today. She gave her the best present ever!

- > I never knew the hot guy from Homeland (Mike) was Sean Oman in Mean Girls! Check out what happened to the other guys of Mean Girls.

- > Apparently Romance Porn Lures More Women With Loss of Shame. Interesting read.

- > Bri made some fabulous jewelled, sparkly birthday crowns. Am definitely going to do this for my next birthday.

- > I've been re-introduced to Etsy and over the past fortnight I've been obsessing over these super cute cat wall decals and these Bad Girls of History postcards. Oh, and these glitter headbands (I already have a blue heart one but love it so much I want more).

- > The ladies at The Beauty Department, came up with such a clever way to create the perfect heart mani. It's on my to-do list for sure!

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