Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Boxing Day Sale Treats

In Australia, the one day of the year that is fantastic for scoring jaw dropping sales is Boxing Day. Some go just for the sake of looking, others go because they have things they need that are normally far too expensive! Normally during Boxing Day, I avoid the shops and spend the day lounging around chilling out, watching tv etc etc. But this year I was lured by the sales and went shopping. I joined some friends bright and early (9am to be exact!) at Westfield's Doncaster store to take advantage of the sales.

Whenever anything is on sale, for some reason I don't like it. But this Boxing Day I actually found some pretty cool things (that I actually needed as well). I've created a little scoreboard of what I went home with. As you can see, I spent the majority of my time at Peter Alexander. They are usually to expensive for my uni student budget so I definitely stocked up on their super cute intimates!

#1/#2 & Ice Cream Knicker in Cone @ Peter Alexander | | #3 7 Day Knicker Funday Set @ Peter Alexander | | #4 Ipanema Thongs in Red Polka Dots (also super cute in blue!) @ Novo Shoes | | #5 Salon Effects in 'Kitty Kitty' @ Sally Hansen 

Before I went I made a mental note of things I needed so I wouldn't overspend. I didn't stray once and was pretty damn happy with my purchases. I even ended up buying some suncream as while I was driving around on Christmas Day, I managed to cop some wicked painful "driver's burn" on my arm. I lathered up on the stuff when I got back into the car for the drive home!

I also learned a few things, which I am going to tuck away for next year. The major one being starting super early (as in way before 9am!), bring some water and comfy shoes, and get some suncream for the driver there and back (depending on the weather of course!). Being patient while waiting in ques and trying to find a car park also helps. I spent most of the time in the ques at Peter Alexander singing along to the songs they played which made the shopping trip more enjoyable and go quicker!

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