Saturday, March 5, 2011

Let's Get Married

I am a bit of a romantic. There’s a big part of me that gets gushy over love songs and whole heart just swells up and is about to burst when her favourite characters on t.v. shows finally hook up (don’t even get me started on how much I wailed over Ross & Rachel) or how many times I re-watched the first time Chuck told Blair he loved her and they made out rather madly in the middle of a street in New York with Season of Love crooning in the background. Part of me is bitter about the whole thing, mostly due to my failed attempts at romance before. Never being treated like any of these characters do (raising ones hopes when boys do some glorious final gesture to win the girl over) etc I’m a bit bitter about the whole thing and never think I’m actually going to get married. So, I loathe weddings (especially family ones as they feel like ‘obligations’), there’s too much do figure out what the day will be like and there is always always drama about who you invite.

You can pretty much tell how nervous I was when I went to a very good high school friend’s wedding this weekend. I was more nervous about turning up solo (mostly so I could have someone to lean on so I didn’t fall out of my shoes) so when those awkward moments of not knowing what to do, wasn’t so awkward.
To my surprise, I had a blast. I wound up sitting on the grooms side (I only knew the girls in the bridal party (which consisted of 2) and the bride herself). They kept the ceremony simple with only 2 bridesmaids, 2 gorgeous flower girls and 2 very spiffy ring-bearers all decked out in mini ‘Men-In-Black attire’. They performed their vows and had a bit of a photography session. The songs they kept were pretty and not cheesy. Plus, one of N’s old school favourite Alanis Morrisette, which made me giggle a it reminded me of how obsessed she was with her in school (when it comes to mine, they’ll be forced to listen to Hanson).

After the ceremony drinks and canapes were held in the Great Hall. They chose a really pretty venue (Mont Salavat in Eltham). It wasn’t very religious and full of beautiful art work on the walls. When it came to the food, speeches and dancing (which I didn’t join in on because the little flower girls just stole the spotlight in their pj’s. Super cute.), it was all pretty great. I got all teary during some of them yet, laughed a lot. There was an array of food (I had roast lamb, veggies, and some mussels) as well as a range of desserts and tea & coffee. I personally loved the sweets table on show. Fat jars full of Reese Peace’s, Lindt balls, snakes, lollypops, white chocolate raspberry bullets the list goes on. I’d never heard of people doing that for a wedding so found it quite charming. (Many of us grown ups went back for more of the Reece Peace’s ;-).)

Because of this wedding, I have decided I no longer loathe them and look forward to the day when I eventually have one of my very own.

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