Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur

Over the past few weeks on various trips to the Vet (for check ups), it was discovered that he has lost weight. And not just a few kilos, but rapidly lost weight. We had noticed the weight loss and his constant nagging for food, but just assumed it was Ned being Ned. So, last week, Ned had to have a sleepover at the Vet. He needed to stay over as he needed to fast for 12 hours before he had some blood tests taken.

We got his blood test results back last night. It turned out he has a tumour in one of his thyroids. The symptoms for this are very similar to diabetes in cats (which is what we thought he had):

* Weight loss
* Increase in water intake
* Increase in urine output
* Increase in activity level (some cats are persistently restless or nervous)

As it turned out his hormone levels were 120 when they should be in between 20 - 40. What this means is he needed to have either a pill 3 times a day (out of the question he hates tablets and its nearly impossible giving him them), a cream placed in his earlobe which drains down to his thyroid and works just as well, surgery. We start giving him the cream in a couple of days so hopefully that will work.

If you'd like to read more information, head over to this page here. The only downside to researching this is it makes you extremely nervous when your a bit of a hypochondriac! :P

I love my kitty. He is a 13 year old tomcat who followed me home from the shops one day when I was in Year 8 (so like summer, 1996). He has been a brilliant cat. We have another who is a tortoiseshell called Jenny (Prudence or Little J) who has a mad spark in her eye. She is quite the shifty little minx. ;-)

~ Miss Rose
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