Friday, July 8, 2011

Cocktails and Cupcakes; Oh my!

Last Friday night my friends and I discovered a few new places. Sure, they had been there for years, but to us they were very new. We went to The Spice Market, then to Longroom to see DJ Havana Brown spin some tunes. It was very 'trendy' and a wee it pretentious looking. We usually hang out at bars that are more casual but we've all been longing for something a wee bit different with music we all love (r n b and dance tunes) and Longroom was perfect. It's a good excuse to put in effort and get dressed up.

Since then, the week has been fairly quiet. Fan Dancing at House of Burlesque on Monday was wonderful. I was taught a few new interesting movements including the Peacock and the Angel. I found that quite tricky. We all want to buy our own fans but they are far too expensive! I'm going to have a look and see if I can make one of my own for practice. I've seen quite a few nice ones on eBay but you can never tell if it's super quality or not. You want to make sure it's with real ostrich feathers and nothing dodgy!

As last night was Thirsty Thursday, I had a few drinks with B and Dee. We went back to the Longroom to test out their cocktails. We didn't really get a chance to try them last time we went as we were busy taking silly photos and dancing. By chance, they happened to have their signature cocktails on special for $10 a piece. They were beyond wonderful. It was a nice, chilled out vibe, with people our own age just wanting to have a quite drink, some good food and conversation. The service was impressive and the staff were ridiculously good looking. I highly recommend going there for a few cocktails!

It seems to be that on a Friday afternoon in between leaving work and arriving home, I am in the world's worst mood. I'm tired and hate every single thing possible. However, I did a wee bit of retail therapy (The Time Traveler's Wife, a backup birthday present for my sister as hers hasn't arrive in the post yet) which helped and went home via Melbourne Central. I just happened to be walking past the new food court on Level 2 when a girl gave me a card announcing I was able to get a free Red Velvet cupcake from Cupcake Central. Apparently they had 1,000 Red Velvet cupcakes to give away as it was their opening day. I must say, it was superb. It is rare to find a cake that isn't overpowered by the icing and isn't dry. This cake was moist. The icing was so great. As I sat on the ground at the station waiting for my train I saw quite a few eyes on my cake and I could tell they were trying hard not to rip it out of my hands. I decided to purchase a few of them and I also tried the Raspberry and White Chocolate (not so good - icing far too sweet), Passionfruit (very yummy) and a Lavender w/ a lemon filling. WOW. What an explosion. That was by far my favourite!

~ Miss Rose
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