Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy feet

If there is one thing you should know about me is that I loathe shoe shopping with a passion. I cannot abide it. I am the only female I know where the simple idea of it makes me rock back and forth and cry. I have very tiny, narrow feet which fit a size 33 and 35. Sometimes (if I'm lucky) a 36. And even then it's only from 'Asian stores' in Chinatown. Even the girls who work in those stores are stunned at my petite feet.

Last weekened, I dragged my poor mother shoe shopping with me. I wanted a pair of cute shoes to wear when I go out dancing with my friends. I normally wear my over-the-knee black suede boots which I simply adore, but half way through a night out, they become uncomfortably hot.

So we went to Epping Plaza. We've had luck there before and I really wanted to avoid buying my shoes from the children's section which is what I am often resorted to.

Our first stop was Novo. While the shoes fit, they were made of plastic or the wedged heel was far too high and I looked rather silly in my attempts to walk in them.

Our second stop was the funky store Imagination. When I have tried on shoes from those stores in the cbd before, they've fit, but don't have a Mary Jane strap across the middle, so my feet fall out a lot - this annoys me beyond belief. You've got no idea how much! I was so lucky here. I found some gorgeous Mary Jane flats, with a wee bit of sparkle (I'm partial to a bit of sparkle ;-)). What surprised me was I fit into the size 6! Gob smacked! They also had a sale on. So I purchased them in the black as well as the purple. They are super comfortable. As you can see from the photos below, they look fantastic with black tights on. See pictures below.

On our way out of the Plaza, we decided to pop into the store I found shoes in last time, Kersey Shoes. I spotted a cute pair of black wedges with a cris cross effect of straps. the wedge heel is only 3 inches (if that) and my foot feels natural in them. They don't feel like they are forced into that position like many shoes that have a higher heel. I loved them. They were really comfortable to walk in and just the perfect height. The woman at the store informed me they had 'just come in' and they were apart of the new Spring range. Perfect timing! Although sadly, they were the only shoes in the store not on sale. Typical! Either way, I'm very happy with them. (They even go very very well with my red 'Birthday Dress'.) :D

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