Monday, August 15, 2011

29th Birthday Weekend - A Re-Cap

This weekend it was my birthday. I like to fill my weekend with things like hair appointments, shopping & drinks with friends. My birthday celebration drinks didn't go quite as planned, but I still enjoyed my birthday weekend as a whole. Here is a run down.

> Friday night drinks with Brooke (who came all the way from Sydney!.
> Getting my hair done.
> Baking a double layer Red Velvet cake (it was yum!).
> Dancing with Bianca and giggling over the pasties she gave me.
> Drinking & talking rubbish with Caitland.
> Catching up with people I haven't seen in a very long time.
> Having a super sunny day on my actual birthday.
> Receiving some neat presents (pasties, suitcases, perfume, Billy Connolly 2011 tour shirt, a nice purse & a gorgeous bag).
> Finally getting hold of a new phone. I love my Samsung Galaxy 551. I love being with Telstra. I love the sales guy who sold me my phone. All sales people should be as attractive & knowledgeable as he was.
> My sister iced my birthday cake for me. What a top job she did!

> Having so many people bail on birthday drinks. Whether they sent me a message explaining or not, it still hurt.
> Not breaking in my new shoes before I went out dancing - OUCH!
> Having someone I used to think was awesome make me cry at my 'party' by being extremely rude.
> Not attending the RMIT Open Day (who am I kidding - we all knew it wasn't going to happen!).

What I have learned this year:
Don't hype up your birthday. No matter what happens, someone will always make you cry, someone will not turn up and not tell you, and be generally disappointing. But then there will always be those who are amazing and will be there for you.

~Miss Rose

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