Tuesday, August 30, 2011

London baby!

After a very very long flight, I arrived on time in London at Gatwick airport. My friend Camilla picked me up at victoria station and we made the trek home. She is one of my besties and I met back in 2007 in a hostel at London Bridge. It was very exciting to see her again! We spent the first night catching up and eating.

On the Saturday, I had a massive sleep-in, then trekked it Oxford Circus for some basics and beauty items etc. Probably not the best idea when I was still jet-lagged, but it hadn't really hit me properly yet. I felt right at home being back in TopShop, which is rather ridiculous. I purchased a pair of Mary Janes with a double strap for only £28 which was a total bargain. I was so excited to find a pair of 5 1/2 straight off the bat! they are very comfortable as well. :)

Later in the evening, we met up with some of her friends and went to a Walkabout; which is a pub many Australians go to. I really don't like Walkabout as it reminds me of a really bad RSL from back home. But the 'UV bubble party' they had on that night sounded fun so off we went. We scored some cheap cocktails, danced a bit and were hit on in the two most awful ways by a couple of drunk, Australian men. The bubbly party just ended up being a few bubbles floating above the crowd on the dance floor. We popped in the crowd and decided we really didn't like it. But we danced a bit more and then my jet-lag kicked in, so we left soon after.

On the Sunday, I met up with my wonderful Canadian friend, Charmaine (I also met her at the same hostel as Camilla), and we had an amazing brunch at The Breakfast Club near Brick Lane markets. I was famished and loved it. The d├ęcor was funky and had a sort of rock n roll diner feel to it. I had a porridge with fresh berries and honey as well as a large cup of tea. I found it reasonably priced and the food was amazing! I am definitely going back there.

We then explored Brick Lane markets. I've never been on a Sunday so didn't realise just how massive it was! I decided that as it was my first weekend, I didn't want to blow my money away so quickly, so I just had a look at what was on offer so I could come back before I go home and actually buy things. Having said that, I came away with a necklace with a cute pink diamante car pendant on it and some amazing Lemon Sherbet tea. They had some really cute dresses and lots of jewelery available. There were quite enthusiastic about vintage clothing as well which was interesting to see. One of the vintage stores even had a resident cat there. She was very cute. (I'm a sucker for cats!)

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