Thursday, October 20, 2011

Going the extra mile

This past week, I have been a little over-excited with my online shopping adventures. I have been lucky enough to have exceptional customer service from two very good online stores that make retail customer service in Australia look like a joke. Yes, I understand it's a bit difficult putting up with silly customers in person (I've been there so I know exactly how it feels), but it doesn't hurt to 'go the extra mile'. Especially when customer service from a majority of online stores are set so high.

While purchasing items at Joy I received a very prompt email from their customer service team informing me that sadly, the dress I had requested was no longer available in my size. Instead, they offered me in-store credit for another item (I chose a very cute cardi) and they returned my remaining monies that very day. Impressive, no?

I love Halloween. I love getting dressed up (scary or sexy), having a fun night out and meeting lots of new people. Sadly, Australia doesn't get as involved in the holiday as the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. But this year, I am going to celebrate it. I went over to the Bad Kitty website, and picked out this gorgeous cupcake print costume. After I took my measurements, I realised the sizing chart they had was a bit difficult to understand, they just didn't seem right at all! So, I sent an email to their customer service team and told them my measurements and asked if the costume ran small or large etc. They came back with a very speedy and detailed reply (love!) informing me the costume was actually a Junior size, but they recommended the size that should fit me best. Fingers crossed it arrives in time and fits perfectly!

Which stores have you recently shopped at online who have provided amazing customer service?


  1. What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

  2. If my cupcake dress arrives in time, I'm coming as a cupcake girl, or possibly an Oktoberfest girl. But then I might be really lame (if I can't think of or find anything last minute) will just be Burlesque gear. ;-)