Sunday, October 2, 2011

Shopping in London. So much shopping!

So, I totally lied about my holiday in London. I told everyone that I wasn't going to get stuck in London and not go anywhere. Biggest lie ever. I spent a majority of my time in London drinking with my mates, being hungover, shopping (OMG SHOPPING!) and chilling out in parks on sunny afternoons.

I did do some sightseeing. I saw Hampton Court Palace, Windsor Castle and the Natural History Museum. Then I went to Amsterdam with Camilla and went to the Cat Museum (yes there is a real one, though it felt like we were in our Grandmother's living room and she showed us her cat collection), where I was far more excited about the resident cats curled up in the corners sunning themselves and the Museum of Bags and Purses (which was by far one of the most awesome museums I've been in).

But SHOPPING. Oh bless my little heart and my bank account, I shopped my heart out. From the moment I decided to go and purchased my ticket, I swore to myself I wasn't going to buy any clothes until I went away (this was at least 6 months people!) and the only dress I did purchase was from Miss Selfridges and that was a sexy, red strappy thing for my birthday.

These are the shops I was obsessed with:

Fat Face.
This store has some gorgeous little gems in it. All are ridiculously comfortable and pretty floral prints. Their Autumn collection was a winner on all fronts. They have comfy cotton dresses for hot summers and wickedly comfortable sweaters and hoodies (which I lived in at night when it got chilly). All are reasonably priced and the staff are sexy.

Art of Joy.
All the clothes look better in person - trust me. The dresses are sexy tea dresses, glamorous evening dresses, slouchy comfortable sweaters (and cute little cardigans (all of which are going towards my next pay check as they sell to Oz) as well as quirky homewares.

When I woke up on the first Saturday I was in London, I jumped on the tube and got off at Oxford Circus. As I walked up the staircase I saw the gorgeous, massive store logo in all it's wonderful glory aiming closer to me like a beacon of light. As soon as I went in I purchased some awesome shoes (trust me I'm a horrible person to shop for as my feet are super tiny and I loathe shoe shopping in the first place). They were the first thing I saw and were a perfect fit. So I had to get them. Other neat finds were some cute, simple dresses which are perfect for work (and play) and some cute tanks. All reasonably priced.

H & M.
I'm so sad that yet another wonderful store isn't offered on my side of the equator. H &M offers ridiculously cheap, trendy, pretty and comfortable clothing. I think I (once again) stocked up on their Autumn line which includes a gorgeous cat print jumper, a couple of tea dresses with prints and colours I adore as well as a Ciao shirt which made me remind myself of Brooke and the whole 'Ciao' debacle back in 2007.

La Senza.
La Senza has on offer some gorgeous lingerie at affordable prices. They often have 5 knickers for $20 (etc) which is such a good price because at this store, I can never decide on just the one pair and end up with about 10 of them. All extremely comfortable (to the point you don't know if you are wearing anything) and sexy. The prints are far too cute to say no too!

Tatty Devine.
Tatty Devine is an independent London jewelry designer. She sells quirky pieces you'll never find anywhere else. I purchased the cat rings (super cute no?) and am waiting patiently for when the mermaid necklace (which is at the moment a once off piece for London Fashion Week) becomes available to the public and the name neclaces which are gorgeous.

I can tell (for the next few months at least) that I am going to be doing a lot more online shopping!

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