Monday, December 10, 2012

Every now and then you get a really great day

In the midst of the most busiest time of the year, if you are lucky, you score one really great day. It's a simple, sunny day, but one with a few things that just make you go to sleep smiling. For me, it was today, which is surprising, because it was a Monday.

-> Having a texting conversation with a very good friend which lasts all day.

-> Hanging out with a friend talking nerdy computer things.

-> Having a beautiful, perfect, sunny day (also rare for a Melbourne in general).

-> The Tab's Naked Calendar to End All Naked Calendars - You're Welcome Ladies!

-> Scoring a free coffee.

-> Finding out a friend's etsy shop is listed in the etsy pull-out from this month's Shop Til You Drop magazine.

->Spending all day counting down until pay day (which is the next day) and then realising it was actually today, lols.

-> This great review of this week's episode of the wonderfully trashy The Vampire Diaries.

-> Atifmag did their 2012 recap of Famous Thinkers Quoting Herald Sun Readers list (it's a hoot and a half!).

-> Accidentally purchasing a plane ticket to see that great friend you had a texting conversation with all day (might not actually be an accident).

What did you get up to today?

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