Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Media That Makes Me Happy

Christmas is my favourite time of year. I love everything about it from the Gingerbread lates, to the wreathes hanging in the shopping malls, to the fairy lights everywhere and all the Christmas specials. The songs, movies and special television episodes.

Below are some of my favourite Christmas media.

Even a couple years after this was aired, I still love it. Lano & Woodley are my favourite 
comedians and this segment never fails to cheer me up.

How can you not love Kylie?!

In true Lady GaGa fashion a very naughty Christmas jingle.
Defs not safe for work!

I love this entire movie, but this is defs one of my favourite scenes! 

I've been searching YouTube and the web for a copy of the rap music video Troy and Abed did in a Christmas episode of Community called the Christmas Infiltration.  It's absolutely brilliant and such a shame that NBC has pulled down every single copy.  There are some other classic bits in the episode which are worth watching so try and grab yourself a copy!

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